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September 3, 2019

Helane Freeman

October 1, 2019
Mike Hernandez

November 5, 2019
Peter Ping-Nan Lee

December 3, 2019
George Scribner

January 7, 2020
John Galan

February 4, 2020
Virginia Kamhi

March 3, 2020
Joe Cibere

April 7, 2020
Dan Graziano

May 5, 2020
Frank Lennartz

June 2, 2020
To Be Announced



Student (March)

Open Juried (April)


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Westlake Village Art Guild

The WVAG's monthly buffet dinner and art demos are held the first Tuesday of each month from September through June.

West Ballroom
Los Robles Greens
299 S. Moorpark Road
Thousand Oaks, CA 91361

5:30 PM Check-In Opens
6:00 PM Buffet Dinner
7:00 PM Demonstration
9:00 PM End

Reservations are required and must be made OR cancelled no later than Friday (midnight) prior to the event by clicking on RESERVATIONS.

Members $28 and Guests $35.
  Painting by John Galan  
      ABOVE: Painting by John Galan©  
    January 7, 2020
Demo Artist

Emerging international artist John Galan resides in Ventura County California. His work focuses on the inextricable connection between humankind and natural world. Characteristics include: vibrant, high chroma hues influenced by the artist’s Mexican heritage. Galan’s paintings are highly symbolic, depicting personal memories and ideas including underlying themes & motifs influenced by geographical location, seasons, weather, personality and culture.

Such work strives to tap into the psychological aspects of the mind hoping to trigger a sense of unified subconsciousness. This connectivity in turn, relates to the Carl Jung’s idea of “collective consciousness”. An idea of deep culture rooted in common beliefs and moral ethics. Galan’s artwork expands on those archetypes of universal connectivities as a means to explore and preserve his own cultural roots.

ABOUT (continued)
John's works deal with the inextricable connection between human kind and the natural world.

His art is representational of his cultural background, conservation efforts, and political views.
  Painting by John Galan
      Painting by John Galan    
        ABOVE: Painting by John Galan©  
WVAG Membership Form         Painting by John Galan  
      ABOVE: Painting by John Galan©   ABOVE: Painting by John Galan©  
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